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21 Dec, 2023 Thursday

International Study Unveiled: Navigating Education Across Borders

Best in Class Higher Education
International Study

In a world where everything is connected more and more, more students are choosing to study abroad to gain a diverse education and a global perspective. Numerous factors, such as having access to prestigious universities,…

24 Jul, 2023 Monday

Making Higher Education Affordable: How Scholarships are Helping International Students Study at Top Universities in India

Making Higher Education Affordable

India has become a major center for international education in recent years, drawing students from all around the globe. The leading universities in the nation provide a diverse selection of academic programs and cutting-edge research…

24 Apr, 2023 Monday

What are the Career Benefits of Robotics Study in India?

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Robotics Study in India

Engineering's field of robotics is responsible for the conceptualization, organization, design, production, and control of robots. Computer science, mechanical and industrial engineering, and electrical and computer engineering are all important components of this interdisciplinary area.…

10 Nov, 2022 Thursday

Career benefits About Law Study in India

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About law study in India

Numerous organizations battle legal issues almost every day. These legal issues may be extremely minor or quite significant. The nature of the issue, though, is unimportant. The crucial point is that even a relatively little…

03 Mar, 2022 Thursday

Want to Study Abroad? Here's how to get started

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Study Abroad Destination

Choosing to study abroad is a major life decision and needs careful consideration and planning. It is essential to be mentally, emotionally and financially prepared before embarking on your journey. There are hundreds of decisions…

20 Oct, 2021 Wednesday

Study Abroad From Bangladesh with Simple Guidelines

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Study Abroad from Bangladesh

For a decade or two, India has been offering lucrative options to students looking to study abroad from Bangladesh. Many graduates from neighbouring countries choose Indian institutes and universities to pursue higher education programs and make…

06 Sep, 2021 Monday

Pursue Management Studies of Your Choice of Specialisation in India

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Management studies in India have become the most important and common choice among students looking to specialise in their respective fields. Over the last decade, it has come to light that people completing their management studies…

07 Jul, 2021 Wednesday

Why is India the Best Place to Study Management for International Students?

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Management for International Students

Management courses have been one of the most favored options for commerce students after completing their 12th or graduation. These courses not only offer impressive job opportunities but also help students gain global exposure and…

22 Jun, 2021 Tuesday

Hotel Management Courses in India after 12th

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Hotel Management Courses in India after the 12th

Hotel management courses are amongst the most favoured options of students after they complete their 12th. This professional course not only offers a booming salary but also helps students gain global exposure and interaction. Pursuing hotel…

14 Jun, 2021 Monday

How to Get Admission in Medical School in India?

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Admission in Medical School in India

Getting admission in medical school in India is no easy feat. MBBS is considered one of the most prestigious and challenging courses in India. The 5-year programme gives an academic understanding of several concepts including human anatomy,…

05 Apr, 2021 Monday

Positive Developments in Higher Education in India for International Students

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Higher Education in India for International students

In India, the National Education Policy for 2020 was released in July, bringing with it lofty goals for massive aspirational improvements. The new framework replaces the older 1988 policy and has sweeping changes across the…

09 Mar, 2021 Tuesday

What are the Short Term Courses in India for International Students?

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Short Term Courses For International Students
short term courses in India for international students

Since the development of advanced higher education infrastructure in India, a record number of students from neighboring as well as other foreign countries has been pouring in to India to avail the benefits of an…

03 Mar, 2021 Wednesday

Top Courses Which Attract International Students to Pursue Their Higher Education

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Top Courses For International Students

Aspiring and ambitious students generally look towards acquiring a valuable degree in their fields of interest from foreign universities due to the increased amount of exposure and overall personal as well as professional development available.…

19 Feb, 2021 Friday

How Can I Get Admission in Indian University/Colleges?

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Admission to Indian University/College

Admission to Indian university/colleges is becoming increasingly sought after by meritorious students from different parts of the world. Although the status of India as a premier centre of education had died down during its colonial…

10 Feb, 2021 Wednesday

How Management Study Benefits in Entrepreneurship?

Communication Skills

Hello Everyone, Today we will discuss about Benefits Management Study in Entrepreneurship. Management has been a subject of higher studies for quite some time now, and aspiring entrepreneurs have always opted for such courses to…

08 Feb, 2021 Monday

How to Get Education Loan to Study Abroad in India: Eligibility and Process

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Education Loan to Study Abroad in India

Studying in India is far more affordable than in western countries. And, there are quite a few renowned universities in India that enable students to acquire a highly valuable degree in their subjects of interest.…

01 Feb, 2021 Monday

Study in India – Don’t Believe The Myths!

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Study in India

For students from developing countries like Bangladesh, leaving their countries and migrating to studying in India can sometimes be an anxious affair due to the several myths and misconceptions surrounding the aspect of higher study in…

25 Jan, 2021 Monday

Studying in India After 12th Commerce Stream

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Study in India after 12th

Commerce is a highly lucrative line for academic as well as professional pursuits. Students all over the world studying commerce aim for some of the top posts in the corporate world and in many cases…

19 Jan, 2021 Tuesday

Study in India After HSC From Science Stream

Study in India after HSC

Pursuing an appropriate course of higher education after HSC is a matter of concern for most young students. With the conclusion to school life, several students from developing countries like Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Nepal look…

15 Jan, 2021 Friday

What and Where to Study in India After Completing 12th Arts?

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Study in India after 12th

Students of developing countries like Bangladesh have several avenues open to them due to the developing nature of their country’s economy and infrastructure. In terms of construction or healthcare, such developing countries generate more number…

12 Jan, 2021 Tuesday

Step-by-Step Plan to Study in India for Bangladeshi Students

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Study in India for Bangladeshi students

India has been fast-growing as the hub of higher education in Asia and gradually living up to its rich historical past of being the educational focal point of the entire world. With a step taken…

07 Jan, 2021 Thursday

The 5 Most Amazing Places for Bangladeshi Students to Study and Live Abroad

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Educational Destination

Over the years, Bangladeshi students have been seeking employment as well as education abroad. This is because educational and employment opportunities have been faring much better for Bangladeshi students in neighbouring more…

02 Jan, 2021 Saturday

Let’s Explore the Dynamic Campus of Sharda University

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Learning and Innovation

Sharda University has been aptly named after the Hindu Goddess Saraswati who is revered for being the Goddess of learning since the 63 acres Greater Noida campus of this university has been touted to be…

22 Dec, 2020 Tuesday

It’s Time to Take off Your Career with India

Largest Higher Education System

Abraham Lincoln very correctly said, “the best way to predict the future is to create it” by making the right career choice in India. Among Bangladesh students, studying abroad is the new normal nowadays, and India has…

17 Dec, 2020 Thursday

Want Just a Degree or A Degree Packed with Industry Certification?

Industry Certifications

A valuable degree in the fields of engineering, law, medicine, paramedics, literature, social sciences, etc. is widely sought-after by students the world over based on their individual dreams and ambitions. However, some seek these degrees…

11 Dec, 2020 Friday

Best Paramedical Universities in India for Bangladeshi Students

Best Paramedical Universities in India

In most of the countries across the West and the Indian subcontinent, paramedics are greatly valued as advanced life support providers to doctors. The importance that is given to this line of work is the…

01 Dec, 2020 Tuesday

Top Courses in India with High Salary for Bangladeshi Students

High Salary for Bangladeshi students

Bangladeshis sharing a common history and a common culture with Indians can easily fit into the professional and societal framework of India. Due to this, Bangladeshi students have been migrating, over the years, to Indian…

23 Nov, 2020 Monday

Why is Girl Education Important for The Betterment of Bangladesh?

Girl Education in Bangladesh

According to the recent census data from the Bangladesh Bureau of Educational Information and Statistics, girl education in Bangladesh is at an all-time low as of 2017, with almost 42% dropout rates at the secondary school level.…

21 Nov, 2020 Saturday

Why Studying Abroad is The Best Option?

 Foreign Country

A good career is its own reward, and who knows it better than a student willing to leave the comforts of their home and cross international borders to achieve that. Studying abroad helps a person…

10 Nov, 2020 Tuesday

Fashion Designing Course in India: A Course for a Better Career in Textile Industry in Bangladesh

Career in Fashion Design

Textile and clothing manufacturers in Bangladesh form one of the oldest and most profitable industries in the country. Reportedly, the country ranks second worldwide among the largest apparel producers with a 20 billion dollar business.…

30 Oct, 2020 Friday

Points to Keep in Mind while Study Abroad for Bangladesh Students

Study Abroad for Bangladesh Students

Pursuing a degree in abroad is exciting and opens the gateway to various rewarding career growth opportunities for Bangladesh students. Studying abroad allows an aspirant to gain numerous academic and practical learnings, explore new cultures,…

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