Students of developing countries like Bangladesh have several avenues open to them due to the developing nature of their country’s economy and infrastructure. In terms of construction or healthcare, such developing countries generate more number of jobs than that of developed countries. Similarly, India has recently risen to the spotlight for its even more flourishing employment market. And, because of this, higher study in India after 12th has become a good option for Bangladeshi students.

Why study in India after 12th?

Since the blue and white collared workers have gradually become the backbone of the Indian economy, this has had a chain reaction that has boosted the GDP of the country as well as in turn, generated numerous jobs. Upon completing higher study in India after 12th, foreign students from Bangladesh can convert their student visas into permanent work visas and pursue successful careers right here in India.


Moreover, several prominent universities in India offer lucrative options to foreign students to pursue careers in engineering, medicine and healthcare, teaching, research, pure science, social sciences, etc.,after 12th. To establish a successful career in India, Bangladeshi students need to first identify their core skills and align them with the existing courses of higher education in India after 12th.

What to study in India after 12th?

There is a massive offering of professional and academic-oriented courses to choose from for Bangladeshi students to study in India after 12th. There are numerous government-operated as well as privately run colleges and universities in India that work towards providing quality and affordable higher education to foreign students so that they are able to contribute towards the enhancement of human resource back home in their own countries or even in India. There are thus quite a few career prospects to education in India after 12th. Professional courses in management, marketing, and international business are also encouraged for Bangladeshi students.

Where to study in India after 12th?

Academic courses with good prospects in research from the fields of pure science and social sciences are available in plentiful at state-funded universities and renowned private institutions like Sharda University. Notably, Sharda University is one of India’s best and well-established private higher education institutes that have a long lineup of successful alumni to boast of. Also, the university has become one of the top choices for Bangladeshi students to education in India after 12th. With a host of academic and professional courses ranging from Bachelor of Arts to MBA, engineering and medicine, supported by a world-class academic infrastructure at par with leading western universities, Bangladeshi students can blindly choose Sharda University as their academic destination to study in India after 12th.

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