Studying in India has become an enriching experience that is highly sought after by ambitious students who hail from the developing countries of Asia and Africa. This is because of the superior grade of educational infrastructure and the well-structured curriculum that places high standards on merit. However, many of these students have doubts about the procedures of admission to study abroad in India. In this regard, it is important to note that the procedures for admission differ greatly depending on different colleges and universities in India. Nevertheless, there are a few standard procedures that almost all renowned Indian universities have to follow based on the domestic and international guidelines of acceptance of international students.

Choose from a Wide Selection of Courses

The numerous colleges and universities of India have an abundance of professional and academic courses available for international students who wish to gain admission to study abroad in India. With highly technical courses like medicine, pharmacy, engineering, biotechnology and information technology, students can prepare to apply for admission by exploring the career prospects of these courses in India.

Understand the Eligibility Criteria

There are all types of diploma, certificate, undergraduate, postgraduate and even doctoral degree courses offered by Indian colleges and universities. Each of these courses has different eligibility criteria that need to be explored before you can begin your process of admission to study abroad in India. Once you have decided which course is best suitable for you based on your existing educational qualification, you can then proceed to apply for admission.

English Language Proficiency Tests

Since most of the major colleges and universities have English as the language of instruction and curriculum, passing with decent grades in English proficiency tests is something that most international students who are non-native English speakers need to do. Tests like the TOEFL, IELTS and the PTE are three of the most widely accepted English language proficiency tests in India. Most Indian universities require applicants to pass these tests for gaining admission to study abroad in India.

Admission Tests and Scholarships

Some of the most esteemed private universities like Sharda University in India have their own set of admission tests that international applicants need to pass in order to get admission. For students seeking admission to study abroad in India, it is necessary to pass such admission tests to qualify as prospective candidates at such universities. Moreover, many of these universities offer scholarships to students who have scored exceptionally in their admission tests as well as those who have excellent academic track records overall.

Get Ready to Fly to India

Finally, the last requirements for applying for admission to study abroad in India are a valid student visa and a passport that is valid for at least 6 months. However, to apply for a student visa in India, you will need an acceptance letter from the Indian University where you have been selected for admission. Nevertheless, you can also apply for a provisional student visa that is valid for 6 months and explore all the different higher education opportunities India has to offer. Upon finally making a decision, you can convert your provisional student visa to a complete student visa and pursue the career of your dreams in India.

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