Since India has recently come to the limelight for becoming an attractive educational destination for African and Asian students, the international student’s admission procedure has been a topic of discussion amidst several aspiring students looking to secure admission into affordable universities of the country. It has been observed that most of the private universities that accept foreign students have dedicated international student admission cells that guide students regarding the admission procedures in India. However, there may still be several students who want to have prerequisite knowledge about all the details of the admission procedure for international students in India in order to plan ahead.

Join the Study in India Program

For students who want to skip all the hassles of going through the routine international students admission procedure in India, the “Study in India” program of the Ministry of Education is a great choice to look into. Foreign students who seek to kickstart their careers with the help of internationally accredited degrees from the leading universities of India can easily sign up for this program and they will be acquainted with all the details of the admission proceduresin India.

The next step in the international students admission procedure is to carefully plan the budget for the entire period. Securing international scholarships is the first step towards an even more affordable higher education in India. Moreover, with the help of this program foreign students can apply to as many Indian universities as they wish and increase their chances of acceptance.

Rules and Regulations of International Students Admission Procedure

  • The first and foremost rule of the admission process of international students in India is the acquisition of a visa. In case you are from Bhutan or Nepal, you do not require any visa for travelling or to stay in India.
  • To successfully apply for such a visa, you will need to produce your letter of acceptance from the respective Indian university that you will be enrolling in. Moreover, the course that you have applied to needs to be for a duration of more than 6 months.
  • A no-objection certificate is also needed from the Ministry of Health after which you will be fully eligible to secure a temporary visa akin to a student visa in India. This is a crucial regulation that is strictly followed in the admission process for international students in India.
  • Although it is not written anywhere in the rules and regulations of international students admission procedure in India, most universities request a statement of financial capacity from international students.
  • The validity of rules and regulations regarding a student visa is another one of the most important rules of admission procedure such that a student visa is only valid for 5 years after which it needs to be renewed at a nominal cost.

Being Mindful of the Culture

Apart from these rules and regulations of international students admission procedure, there are certain cultural aspects that need to be kept in mind as well for international students, who are coming to study in India. India is a country with an extremely warm and hospitable culture and foreign students need to be prepared to face this so that they can harmoniously mingle with the locals during their stay here.

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