Pursuing an appropriate course of higher education after HSC is a matter of concern for most young students. With the conclusion to school life, several students from developing countries like Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Nepal look to study in India after HSC. It is important to note that India has been quietly growing as a leader in the education and employment market, attracting more number of foreign students. The most noteworthy aspect of this is the success rate of science education and related streams in India. This is one of the main reasons why students, specifically from Bangladesh, seek to studying in India after HSC from science stream.

Demand for science-related jobs in Bangladesh

The science stream has long been considered as a prolific stream of higher studies for Bangladeshi students due to the increasing demand for jobs in the engineering and healthcare sectors of Bangladesh. The opportunity to studying in India after HSC has opened the doors to better employment opportunities of Bangladeshi students. When studying a science stream course like IT, engineering, medicine, pharmacy or even pure sciences, Bangladeshi students gain a wide avenue of exposure. To study in India after HSC has been regarded as almost a privilege for Bangladeshi students due to this. As a result of such a wholesome education imparted by most colleges and universities of India, Bangladeshi students become competitive enough to rise to vacant opportunities of quality jobs in their home country.

Motivation to study in India after HSC

Besides all the benefits of quality education and developing advanced professional competencies, other reasons also attract Bangladeshi students to study in India after HSC, particularly in science stream courses. Firstly, the availability of more experienced industry practitioners in the respective fields of IT, engineering, and medicine is one crucial factor that motivates Bangladeshi students to study in India. Secondly, the non-academic benefits like affordable housing and food enable Bangladeshi students to save money while pursuing their dreams. The entire craze of Bangladeshi students to study in India after HSC is in some way based on this perk. Moreover, the agricultural sector of Bangladesh has been advancing at a staggering rate due to which the demand for agricultural scientists has gone up.

Why study science courses at Sharda University?

Bangladeshi students can tap into this budding opportunity of the agricultural sector by coming to study in India after HSC in some of the most advanced agricultural science courses offered by Sharda University. The higher education institution has been well-known for producing science graduates that are indeed a class apart. To study in India after HSC in a science course at Sharda University translates to minimal investments as compared to western universities. At the same time, Bangladeshi students get to avail the best of educational infrastructure in terms of labs and industry exposure. This is why Bangladeshi students have often chosen Sharda University to study in India after HSC.

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