Over the years, Bangladeshi students have been seeking employment as well as education abroad. This is because educational and employment opportunities have been faring much better for Bangladeshi students in neighbouring more developed nations like India. Added to that is the attraction of a similar lifestyle and culture not very far apart from home. Moreover, Bangladeshi students, who avail educational opportunities in higher education in countries like India, China, Singapore, Malaysia and Australia, often establish their careers in those countries itself because of better job prospects. Below is a list of 5 most amazing places for Bangladeshi students to study and live abroad.

  1. China

China has several prominent universities that open lucrative doors for Bangladeshi students who wish to pursue a career in information technology, engineering and even medicine. With some of the best state-of-the-art facilities at Chinese educational campuses, it is indeed an attractive educational destination for Bangladeshi students who do not hesitate to invest an exorbitant amount in their education.

  1. Singapore

Singapore has facilities akin to that of China, and even a culture that is in some ways a mixture of that of China and India since it has a native oriental touch with an intermingled set of foreigners residing in it. Numerous affordable and renowned educational institutions offer Bangladeshi students exceptional opportunities to secure a world-class degree.

  1. Malaysia

Similar to Singapore, Malaysia has a great offering of world-renowned educational centres and institutions whose degrees are recognised the world over but when it comes to meeting up the income scales and costs of living for students, it cannot equal the pocket-friendly accommodation costs of India.

  1. Australia

To some, Australia may seem like a luxurious destination for students but apart from that the fee structure of some of the best and esteemed colleges and universities in Australia are quite upscale, and some Bangladeshi students often take up educational loans to pursue their higher education in Australia. However, for affluent Bangladeshis, it is a highly sought after educational destination due to its wider range of industrial exposure in any of the streams of higher education.

  1. India

There are several perks for Bangladeshi students studying in India. First and foremost is the lack of cultural and linguistic barriers. India is home to hundreds of thousands of Bengalis albeit from the Indian state of West Bengal. Due to this, Bengali is one of the national languages of India, and Bangladeshi students are sure to find quite a few Indians who speak a familiar tongue, thus helping them settle into the new environment.

Sharda University in India

Sharda University in India has broken all the conventional stereotypes of Indian universities and has proven itself to be truly beyond boundaries with its innovative teaching styles and curriculums that plummet a cosmopolitan collection of students and catalyse their motivations into visible results. What’s more, Sharda University does all of this and more for Bangladeshi students who seek quality and affordable foreign education.

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