India has recently become a higher education hub for many as thousands of foreign students come here from neighbouring countries in the Indian subcontinent to pursue their dreams. Recently, countries like Bangladesh have seen an increase in the rate of students migrating to India for studies. Primarily, they come to avail the attractive career opportunities for Bangladeshi students in India. This can be attributed to the rapid growth of the education industry in both the public and private sectors in India.

The past decade has witnessed the recognition of the importance of higher education by the masses. As a result, several educational institutions have sprung up offering quality education and career opportunities for Bangladeshi students in India. Not only this, most of these colleges and universities provide on-campus recruitment to their students, thus further advancing career opportunities for Bangladeshi students in India.


Opportunities in the fields of Science & Commerce

Some of the prominent science-based courses that Bangladeshi students can enrol for in India are BSc in Agriculture, BSc Nursing, BSc Zoology, BSc Computer Science, BSc Biotechnology, etc. These courses offer promising career opportunities for Bangladeshi students in India in the fields of research and professional employment in India and Western countries as well. Other degree programs in the field of commerce like Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Laws, Cost & Management Accountant, and Chartered Accountancy,  also provide astounding career opportunities for Bangladeshi students in India.

Even in the field of social sciences like history, geography, sociology, political science, philosophy, and performing arts, Indian educational institutions maintain some of the best faculty members who know how to offer a meaningful direction to students.

Opportunities for Bangladeshis in the Indian job market

The booming IT sector of India has an ever increasing need for qualified candidates. Bangladeshi students completing their degrees in IT subjects and computer science from India can grab these career opportunities and propel their careers easily. Besides, the growing need for healthcare professionals and paramedics is yet another viable option that can offer lucrative career opportunities for Bangladeshi students in India. In terms of the social sciences field, teaching jobs are in need of fresh minds that can interact with the newer generation of students and engage in innovative e-learning methods. Such teaching jobs also invite fresh graduates.

Last but not the least, several renowned private higher education institutes like Sharda University provide a well-integrated learning experience to Bangladeshi and other foreign students so that they are able to have ample work experience and an adequate level of industry exposure. Also, Sharda University organises  campus recruitment drives to offer lots of job opportunities to its students. This system further enhances the career opportunities for Bangladeshi students in India.

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