Textile and clothing manufacturers in Bangladesh form one of the oldest and most profitable industries in the country. Reportedly, the country ranks second worldwide among the largest apparel producers with a 20 billion dollar business. Employing a large number of people in Bangladesh, the textile and garment industries hold a great future ahead considering the ongoing transformation and development. And, this is luring the country’s youth to pursue a fashion designing course and contribute to the success story.

Career in Fashion Design

The ongoing boom in the textile and readymade garment industries of Bangladesh makes fashion designing a popular course among youngsters of Bangladesh. A career in fashion design is not only limited to building a creative and impactful style of dressing and setting trends but also involves meaningful and constructive interactions and associations with key players in the industry.

Studying Fashion Designing

The market in Bangladesh is modifying itself to incorporate the rapid changes in fashion trends. Hence, the garment and textile industries in Bangladesh are looking for skilled and experienced professionals to take up new and emerging challenges. Considering this, reputable educational institutions like Sharda University offer various fashion design courses for aspirants in Bangladesh. Besides preparing technically-sound, industry-ready manpower, these courses aim at building creativity and understanding innovation.

Besides an impressive record of hosting foreign students, the university holds the reputation for effective campus recruitment too. Here, resources are provided to all the learners to work hard, grow and succeed in life. 

Department of Design at Sharda University

Established in 2009, Sharda University is a private university located in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India. It is considered as a top university of India with the highest number of students enrolled in a variety of courses. Owing to more than 250 global academic tie-ups, Sharda University welcomes students from about 85 plus countries other than India. It offers about 216 undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs across different disciplines like engineering, management, law, journalism, design, arts and humanities.

When it comes to fashion, the university maintains the Department of Design which is known for operating the most comprehensive professional design programme of India. For those learners who wish to follow their passion in fashion designing, it offers a four-year undergraduate programme, Bachelor of Fashion Design. The coursework is designed to cover the fundamentals of fashion design, development design, drawing apparel, advanced draping and industrial design along with other topics. This program involves creative teaching methods like combing traditional lectures, organising practice workshops, going for industrial visits and providing international exposure. Further, Sharda University’s postgraduate program in fashion designing helps students gain advanced knowledge and experience to scale new heights. They are exclusively designed to prepare students for better career opportunities in positions such as fashion designers, fashion marketers, fashion concept managers and quality controllers.

Undoubtedly, aspiring fashion designers can get ready at Sharda University to style the world.

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