The field of engineering encompasses a plethora of specialisations like civil, electrical, mechanical, chemical, petrochemical, industrial safety, computer, etc. These are all promising careers for students of countries like Bangladesh and Nepal, which have an abundance of talent that does not receive adequate recognition. At Sharda University, such talent is nurtured and rigorously trained under existing industrial guidelines in order to produce some of the finest engineers in the field. Sharda University is home to some of the most renowned industry experts who have dedicated their lives to coaching engineering aspirants so as to fill the skill gaps seen in existing industry professionals and develop a future engineering workforce that is unparalleled in its skills and capacity for innovation.

The School of Engineering & Technology at Sharda University

The School of Engineering & Technology (SET) at Sharda University focuses on providing students, especially foreign nationals from Bangladesh, a platform to develop their core skills in fundamental mathematics and physics in order to pave the way for their induction as engineering students. The curriculum of SET also enables Bangladeshi students that are not so meritorious to ingest the newly inculcated knowledge and apply them in practical scenarios so that in the future they are able to solve real-world engineering problems. This essentially develops a high degree of professional competence in such students. Moreover, since engineers in the modern world are required to deal with not just their core subject but are also required to have sufficient interpersonal skills, these are also taken care of and through student-oriented training and grooming, Bangladeshi students with inadequate interpersonal skills can become not just competent engineers but world-class leaders as well.


Industry Trains its own Engineers at Sharda University

Sharda University’s School of Engineering & Technology (SET) has several streams of engineering including Computer Science & Engineering (CSE), Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE), Electrical & Electronics Engineering (EEE), Mechanical Engineering (ME), Bio-Technology and Civil Engineering (CE). All these departments have highly experienced and knowledgeable heads as well as faculties who pride themselves with several years of industry work and consulting experience in their respective fields. Having such a talented team of teachers to guide the young aspiring engineers from countries like Bangladesh, Sharda University is a revered centre of education where current experts in the industry train the students.

Be a Part of the Global Industrial Community at Sharda School of Engineering & Technology

Bangladeshi students enrolling at Sharda University for the School of Engineering & Technology (SET), have the opportunity to be part of a global community of engineers where, through professional networking, they can challenge themselves to break their competency barriers and gain the continuous support of the college faculty as well as industry experts to transform themselves into some of the most competent engineers in the Indian subcontinent and secure a promising career in the field of engineering either in their home country or in India and even other western countries.

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