With the rapid development of the technological as well as economic infrastructure in Bangladesh, the increasing number of students from the country is seeking to tap into the growing job market in Bangladesh. The existing norms of the job market in Bangladesh hold foreign degrees in high regard and especially those degrees acquired from UGC accredited colleges and universities of India. As a result, the last decade has seen a vast number of Bangladeshi students migrating to India to pursue higher education from esteemed universities like Sharda University. Sharda University offers several promising courses in varied fields like law, medicine, engineering, IT and the social sciences and arts. Bangladeshi students seeking employment either in their home countries or foreign countries have enticing prospects at Sharda University, where they are always welcomed with warmth and nurtured to perfection.

Courses offered at Sharda University

Sharda University offers a host of courses like Engineering and Technology, Business Studies, Architecture and Planning, Law, Dental Sciences, Education, Agricultural Sciences, Nursing, Medical Sciences and Research. These courses are available for Bangladeshi students wanting to secure a graduate, postgraduate, diploma or a doctorate degree in these fields. Since the recent development in roads and buildings infrastructure in Bangladesh, several job opportunities have been generated in this field, and Bangladeshi students with degrees in Bachelor of Technology Civil Engineering, Bachelor of Technology Mechanical Engineering and Bachelor of Technology Electrical & Electronics Engineering can equip themselves to compete for these attractive job offers. Moreover, Sharda University provides campus interviews with record placements right from the classrooms to the office cubicle. For medical practitioners looking to further their qualifications with a postgraduate MD degree, Sharda University offers MD Physiology, Pathology, Anaesthesia, Dermatology, Paediatrics etc., and most of these are extremely popular with Bangladeshi aspirants looking to establish themselves as qualified doctors in the healthcare system of Bangladesh.

The campus environment and cultural compatibility at Sharda University

The well-integrated and wholesome campus infrastructure at Sharda University provides students with a rich academic environment to tread on a path that will help them achieve their end goals in terms of career as well as profession. Bangladeshi students feel almost at home at the several school buildings within the university campus due to the ethnic cosmopolitan population of the university that has students from over 85 countries across the globe, the majority being Indian, African and Bangladeshis. The state-of-the-art computer labs, seminar rooms, libraries, technical workshops and classrooms enable Bangladeshi students to avail some of the most advanced academic learning facilities and supplements that are rarely on offer in their home countries. With such a superior infrastructure that can be robustly backed by alumni and present student testimonials, Sharda University is truly a global campus and more of a home away from home for Bangladeshi students. Upon affiliating themselves with Sharda University, Bangladeshi students can secure a bright future for themselves along with the additional facilities of well-balanced student life at the campus.

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