International education has been on the incline, with steady growth in the number of students studying abroad persisting throughout the decades. While all sectors of the world’s economy took a hit due to the pandemic, the advantages of studying abroad in Indian universities seem to be enough to keep the inflow of students to the country at a sure pace. 

The Indian educational system is also undergoing massive improvements in both qualities as well as quantity, with the New Education Policy of India scheduled to be fully in effect by the time 2022 rolls around. These sweeping changes bring significant improvements to an already robust system within the country, further adding to the advantages of studying abroad in Indian universities for international students. Let’s take a deeper dive:

Lower Educational Costs

The most basic of the advantages of studying abroad in Indian universities is the very low cost of education. India ranks high on rankings of educational system quality, but also low on cost of education. Foreign students seeking education in India can look forward to low education costs as compared to places like the USA, UK or Australia. 

Low Cost of Living 

This goes hand in hand with the first point, and these two advantages of studying abroad in India are two sides of the same coin. Living costs like rent, daily commute, food and entertainment are extremely affordable even in large cities. The exceptions to this rule are the Largest Indian cities (Mumbai, New Delhi and Bengaluru) where the cost of living is typically higher. However, even these relatively higher rates are much lower than other international education destinations like Germany, France or the UK. 

Excellent Technical Institutes 

Technical fields are extremely robust in scope across the nation, with Indian universities often featured on various top 100 lists of technical college rankings around the world. The boom in engineering, medicine and other technical fields means that any international student benefits from a vast choice of programs. Additionally, one of the advantages of studying abroad in Indian universities is that international students can also opt for a scholarship if they can demonstrate their academic performance. 

Culture, Food and People

India is a country with colourful and diverse culture. Universities are often melting pots of people with different languages and backgrounds, as the country is large and full of distinct peoples. The food and people reflect this aspect very clearly, and you can often find cuisines from all over the country, all within the same street in a market. The cultural advantages of studying abroad in Indian universities are hard to fully understand until you experience it in person, from the various traditions and festivals to the local arts and languages. The intermingling of all these things creates a vibrant and somewhat lively, chaotic and vivid daily life.

An exemplary model of Indian Universities 

Sharda University in Noida is an example of an institute that exemplifies very well the advantages of studying abroad in Indian universities. This university has a cross-discipline world-class campus, with programs to suit most of the needs, while there are also ample living options on the campus itself. Visit the Sharda University website for a full list of all the programs being offered.

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