Bangladesh and India are two of the most closely connected neighbouring countries in the Indian subcontinent. They share a common culture as well as historical background. This is one of the most discussed reasons for Bangladeshi students to come study in India from Bangladesh. Apart from the cultural similarities, India is one of the most affordable places to attain a superior quality of higher education akin to that of several esteemed western universities. There are, however, several other reasons as to why Bangladeshi students prefer India as their destination for higher education.

Academic Prospects

  • A Hub of Top-ranking Universities

Some of the leading universities that have nurtured leading professionals onto their path of success are located in India. Indian Institute of Management, Indian Institute of Technology, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Manipal University and Sharda University are fine examples of the several top-ranking Indian universities.

  • Superior Quality Education

Several regulatory bodies in India ensure that the quality of education at all Indian universities is maintained at par with the national standards. The UGC, the AICTE and the NAAC are some of these esteemed authorities that ensure students who come to study in India from Bangladesh can avail the best quality of education.

  • Scope of Training and Research

Universities, like Sharda University, have connections with leading employers as well as researchers in several disciplines. This ensures that Bangladeshi students who aspire to gain meaningful employment in India or continue advanced research are provided with appropriate opportunities.


Career Prospects

  • Promising Future Career

Since Indian universities hold a special place amongst the international educational intelligentsia from the time of prominent Indian scholars like Aryabhatta and Bhaskaracharya, an Indian degree is held in high regard by most employers. This ensures a promising career for students who study in India from Bangladesh.

  • Increased Employability

Most of the prominent Indian universities are English medium, and this helps Bangladeshi students to master an international language with regular practice. Fluency in English adds to their professional core competencies, and this in turn increases their international employability.

Culture and Affordability

India has several student-friendly cities like Delhi, Greater Noida, Kolkata, Bengaluru and Pune that cater to the varying needs of international students from countries like Bangladesh. These cities have the availability of cheap accommodations for students along with minimal costs of fresh meat and vegetables for consumption. International students who come to study in India from Bangladesh are also greeted with the warm hospitable culture of the Indian people which leaves a mark on their character development in these formative years.

Sharda University – Keeping with the Promise of Quality Education

The Sharda University of Greater Noida is one of the leading international universities of India. The global campus of Sharda University allows for natural creativity and innovation to flourish with the exchange of unique cultural perspectives. Aspiring and meritorious students who come to study in India from Bangladesh can easily be part of this culture of excellence and build a promising career in several disciplines. With several on-campus facilities, Sharda University provides a well-rounded educational experience for Bangladeshi students, which is in many ways lacking in their home country.

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