A good career is its own reward, and who knows it better than a student willing to leave the comforts of their home and cross international borders to achieve that. Studying abroad helps a person utilize their full potential and be their best version of themselves. Students who have studied in truly international universities (like Sharda University, India) have shown that they have the talent and educational understanding to be a leader in the corporate world.

Let us look at some of the factors as to why a student must choose to study abroad.

High quality of education: Education is one of the critical factors that motivate a student to pursue a degree abroad. Having a higher quality of education helps a student achieve greater heights in their chosen career field. Internationally valid degrees from universities, trained and experienced faculty, modern infrastructure with IT-enabled classrooms, state of the art labs and workshops are some of the most important factors while deciding upon the country and university by a student willing to go abroad for studies.


Learn a language: Studying abroad definitely means learning a new language, even partially, and that is key to learn about the cultural diversity in that state. Many corporates prefer students with diverse exposure to countries and bilingual candidates as they can interpret and communicate with the client easier than others. 

Corporate experience: In many universities, industrial visits and corporate internship is necessary and is a part of the curriculum, so that the students can work in organization and gain learnings on industry practices and processes. Many of these corporates also offer a job to the students after passing out if their performance is above average.

Career advantages: Few of the many career advantages that a student will gain include:

  • Self Confidence: Studying in a foreign country boosts self-confidence as a person has to overcome challenges, develop resilience and make a way in an entirely new nation, a quality which is essential in a professional environment nowadays.
  • Communication skills: As the student learns to cross the communication barrier in a new country, his/her personal and professional communication skills drastically improve, which is very useful in the corporate sector.
  • Networking opportunities: As the student meets other students across the globe, they find new friends, form connections, and the chances of working with one another increase many folds.
  • Opportunity for work after graduation: Many countries offer post-study work visas to students after completing their graduation/ post-graduation. This helps the students to start their careers on a positive note with the right salary package as per industry standards.

Personal advantages: A student experiences and gains practical knowledge of the world, which shapes the personality of that person and prepares him/her for the corporate world after passing out. 

  • Decision making: Which public transportation to choose from? Which route will take me to college with the least traffic and time? Whether to catch a movie or attend a music class? These are some of the daily life questions which a person has to decide and answer in real life when he/ she is in a foreign country. These decision-making skills are beneficial later in the firm when these students become managers and have to make critical decisions for the company’s survival.
  • Appreciates the smaller things in life: A student has to manage his/her life abroad within the limited resources they have, and in turn, start appreciating the things which they once took for granted.
  • Broad-minded attitude: By staying and studying in another country, a student learns and accepts new ideas, ways of thinking, and new cultures from a diverse set of people, making a student perceptive and broad-minded.
  • Independent: Living and studying in a foreign country, away from the comforts of home, is a challenge in itself and requires a student to be independent and self-reliant.
  • Project management: Almost all IT and finance firms require project management skills, which a student learns effortlessly while planning their time, resources, and finances, which are available in a finite quantity only during their stay abroad.

Sharda University, India, with a sprawling 63-acre campus, provides facilities, environment, and resources of globally benchmarked standards, learned and experienced faculty from globally renowned universities from US, UK, Europe, and Russia, has 250+ tie-ups with international institutes, has provided 2000+ scholarships, has 13000+ students on campus from 85+ nations, has an overall 80% placement record, and provides a career enriching and rewarding experience. Sharda University also supports the start-ups via ‘The Next StartUp,’ ‘Syncubator,’ and ‘Xcelerator’ programmes with scholarship and mentoring.

The students must intelligently do their research and take admission in a university after considering many factors like quality of education, location, infrastructure, faculty, specializations, electives, abroad student exchange program, global tie-ups, placements, etc. more. There are many countries to choose from for pursuing graduate or post-graduate studies. Still, India nowadays has become a hub for students and corporates alike due to several factors like affordable cost of living, good connectivity via trains, buses, flights and metro, accredited colleges and universities, high quality of education, good placement record, opportunity to spend a semester abroad via student exchange program and more.

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