Pursuing a degree in abroad is exciting and opens the gateway to various rewarding career growth opportunities for Bangladesh students. Studying abroad allows an aspirant to gain numerous academic and practical learnings, explore new cultures, and make new memories in life. However, the other side of the coin brings a slew of responsibilities, queries and considerations for both students and parents because pursuing your passion in a foreign country is a big decision.

Given below are seven essential points students from Bangladesh should keep in mind before making the final decision to study abroad in a foreign university:

1. Choose your foreign destination very carefully:

It is imperative to make the right selection when it comes to “where you want to study”. It’s always nice to do some intense research on a country or place you’re planning to choose. When making your final decision, make sure you’re considering factors like the country’s language, culture, religion, weather and an average temperature of the place, mannerisms, food, culture shock & homesickness, phone plans, and more. Also, you should be aware of your monetary circumstances, budgeting and the current exchange rate between Bangladesh and the country you’re planning to move in.

2. Which course to pursue and how good is career scope of the course selected?

Going to a foreign university to pursue a degree in abroad without a clear vision on your career goals will be an absolute waste on the financial grounds and career wise. Before hoping to the final decision, do thorough research on which course to pursue based on your passion, interest, and academic eligibility. Also, you should do a decisive analysis on the career scope, course benefits, practical skills and learning experience you’ll gain after pursuing a degree, and of course, never underestimate the programme curriculum.

3. Enroll to the right university

Choosing the right foreign university is a vital step in your career graph. Always remember studying abroad is one of the most life-changing, and eye-opening experiences for Bangladesh students and this experience will become more exciting when you go ahead with the right university. To make your stay comfortable and fruitful career wise, make sure you research teaching modules, extracurricular activities, university rankings, available scholarships, research opportunities, campus life and placement prospects. If possible, try to connect with the alumni of universities and find out all the big and small details about the university.

4. Student visa process

The next step to studying abroad and explore the new country is VISA. Getting a student visa is the essential task to enter any country after accepting the letter of offer. Always remember, every country follow a different set of terms and conditions for students from different countries and therefore, it is advisable to connect to your student counsellor for the visa application process for Bangladeshi students.

5. In-campus facilities and accommodation

Checking on numerous student accommodation and in-campus facilities is a mandatory step to make sure you feel like home when away from your home. It would be best if you chose a university which has amenities like

  • Internship Programmes for International Students
  • Sports Facilities: basketball, badminton & tennis courts, football, hockey, and a cricket field
  • Hospitalization under Cashless Mediclaim Policy
  • Cafeterias and other eateries function on ‘Pay as you eat concept.’
  • Credit transfer agreements with several high ranked international universities
  • Air-conditioned gym having latest state-of-art equipment and machines.
  • Separate AC/Non AC furnished hostel rooms for boys and girls.


Studying abroad helps students to create valuable life experiences while developing new skills on social, academic, and professional levels that will surely benefit from expanding their career scope. A degree from an international university will make you a more well-rounded individual with the unique perspectives and strong cross-cultural communications which differentiate you in an increasingly crowded job market.