A valuable degree in the fields of engineering, law, medicine, paramedics, literature, social sciences, etc. is widely sought-after by students the world over based on their individual dreams and ambitions. However, some seek these degrees to secure exemplary qualifications in order to bag a lucrative job offering that gives them a hefty pay check at the end of the month.

These degrees are provided by almost all colleges and universities across the world. For Bangladeshi students, the best place for quality and affordable education that is recognised the world over is at renowned universities of India like Sharda University. Such universities provide Bangladeshi students with not just a degree but a degree that’s packed with industry certifications.


Industry Certifications for Law degrees

The law degrees, both graduate and post-graduate at Sharda University, have been certified and recognised by the Bar Council of India (BCI). The BA LLB, B.Com LLB, BBA LLB, B.Sc. LLB, and B.Tech. LLB, have all been recognised by the BCI as certified courses in law.

These industry certifications enable Bangladeshi students graduating with these degrees to practice as a successful lawyer in any part of India. With a shortage of quality lawyers in the Indian judicial system, these degrees offered by Sharda University hold true for promising careers for Bangladeshi students in the field of law.

They may take up business law, financial law, criminal law, or law in general. But all of these options provide ample opportunities for career development for Bangladeshi students.

Industry Certifications for Medical degrees

The Medical Council of India (MCI) has certified the MBBS programme of Sharda University since 2014 upon careful inspection of the existing infrastructure to train medical students at the university campus.

Moreover, the School of Medical Sciences & Research provides advanced MD and MS Programmes for Bangladeshi students seeking to fulfil their post-graduation degree in the medical field. These master’s degrees in medicine and surgery have also been approved by the MCI.

Such a robust certification for the Sharda University courses enables Bangladeshi students opting for these courses to tap into the highly dignified medical jobs market of India. The country is in dire need of more specialised doctors and Sharda University fulfils this need by providing such a wide range of comprehensive medical and paramedical courses for Bangladeshi students seeking to begin their medical practice in India.

The importance of a degree packed with industry certifications

A degree in the fields of medicine, law, engineering, and education is further enhanced by such highly esteemed industry certifications mentioned earlier. For Bangladeshi students willing to kick-start their careers in their respective fields of interest, these degrees from Sharda University are bound to add additional feathers to their professional caps.

Such industry certifications at Sharda University also mean that students who enrol themselves for these degrees can avail the opportunity to gain real-life industry exposure and practical work experience that can prove to be a wholesome learning experience for them.

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