In most of the countries across the West and the Indian subcontinent, paramedics are greatly valued as advanced life support providers to doctors. The importance that is given to this line of work is the sole reason why Bangladeshi students wanting to become paramedics should opt for some of the best paramedical universities in India. Notably, Sharda University is one of the best paramedical universities in India that offers quality education to students aspiring to be highly trained and skilled paramedics.

Why pursue paramedical courses in India?

Since India is touted to be the land of Ayurveda and even ancient forms of surgery, medicine has always been a much explored profession here. Besides, the best paramedical universities in India boast talented alumni who are practising across the world. These paramedical institutesprovide state-of-the-art infrastructure to ensure students get a comprehensive learning experience along with their degrees. Moreover, the courses at most of these best paramedical universities in India are affiliated to UGC (University Grants Commission), which is a statutory body set up by the Government of India to coordinate, determine and maintain the standards of higher education in the country.


As a result, many public and private colleges and universities in India offering paramedical courses are recognised in most Western countries like the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Even countries like Australia, New Zealand and Singapore recognise the UGC-affiliated best paramedical universities in India.

Notable universities offering paramedical courses in India

Several job opportunities are available in India in the field of paramedical science like anaesthesiologist, physiotherapist, ophthalmologist, radiologist, and most importantly, nursing care. Considering a promising career ahead, Bangladeshi students have often opted to enrol for studying paramedical science at some of the best paramedical universities in India. AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences), University of Technology – Sanganer, Guru Kashi University, Sharda University and many others are some of the top paramedical universities in India. These universities and colleges have been known to offer exclusive courses and even international scholarships to foreign students from countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan and Sri Lanka across the Indian subcontinent.

Moreover, the fees at the top paramedical universities in India are also quite affordable. Without a doubt, the fees charged by Indian paramedical institutes acts as an additional attraction for Bangladeshi students looking to complete their degrees in paramedical science. However, the affordable rates of tuition fees are not the only advantage. Bangladeshi students can also avail facilities similar to their home country amid the largely common social and cultural milieu that the Indian cities have to offer them.

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