Aspiring and ambitious students generally look towards acquiring a valuable degree in their fields of interest from foreign universities due to the increased amount of exposure and overall personal as well as professional development available. Another major reason why students get pulled towards foreign countries for higher education is because of the lack of an appropriate educational infrastructure for their preferred field of study in their home countries. However, certain specific courses attract more number of students towards foreign education than the rest. Keep reading further to find out which are these valuable graduate and postgraduate courses that are so popular with most international students.

MSc in Food Science and Technology

Food technology has been one of the most popular and lucrative lines of work in the 21st century due to an expansion in the consumer food products industry as a result of globalisation. Several multinational corporations have infiltrated India with foreign direct investments that bring together the vested interests profit-making and national development of these companies and the country respectively. Such international employers seek candidates with a qualification equivalent of a postgraduate degree in food science and technology. As a result, ambitious students from neighbouring countries like Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan often seek enrolment in prestigious universities like Sharda University to pursue their career in the successful field of food science and technology.

MBBS and Nursing

From ancient times, medicine and healthcare have been a popular profession in India, and the same is true even today. Core medicine, healthcare and allied sciences have been rapidly developing as an academic stream in India with teams of several private and public universities, offering accredited and comprehensive courses in MMBS and Nursing Science. Even so, there is a significant lack of proficient doctors and nurses created within the country. Meritorious and brilliant students from developing countries of Africa have often taken up this opportunity to enroll themselves in such graduate courses from renowned Indian universities like Sharda University and often stay back to practice as successful doctors and nurses in India.

BBA and MBA                                                 

These two are some of the most popular graduate and postgraduate level courses in modern India as hundreds of thousands of Indian students have recognised the importance of securing a degree in business administration to enter the lucrative corporate world that opens global pathways for them. Apart from that, aspiring entrepreneurs also take to these courses to become well-acquainted with business and graduate to establish their own start-ups that further generate more jobs within the country. International students also avidly apply for integrated BBA and MBA courses like the ones offered by Sharda University, to help launch their careers as entrepreneurs.

Sharda University for International Students

India has recently risen as an important hub of higher education in Asia with a wide selection of colleges and universities, providing highly accredited professional and academic courses. Sharda University, located in Greater Noida in India, consists of a massive 63-acre modern state of the art campus that houses all the necessary amenities for international students to feel right at home even in a foreign land.

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