Commerce is a highly lucrative line for academic as well as professional pursuits. Students all over the world studying commerce aim for some of the top posts in the corporate world and in many cases prove to be world leaders in their career path. Several meritorious students from developing countries like Bangladesh travel to study in India after 12th because of the vast opportunities for commerce students to pursue their dreams. There are numerous national and international accredited colleges and universities in India that motivate Bangladeshi students to studying in India after 12th in pursuit of their professional aspirations.

Prospects to study in India after 12th in commerce

India has been a rapidly developing economy since the beginning of the 21st century and quickly stepping into the technological revolution as well. The corporate and business sector has also experienced significant development with several jobs being created that facilitate easy employment for Bangladeshi students who studying in India after 12th in commerce-related courses. Courses like Bachelor’s in Commerce, Bachelor’s in Business Administration, and Master’s in Business Administration are promising prospects for Bangladeshi students to position themselves in the lucrative employment market of the Indian corporate sector. This is one of the main reasons why Bangladeshi students who want to become successful travel to study in India after 12th in commerce.

Educational infrastructure in India

Another feature of the Indian educational system that attracts Bangladeshi students to studying in India after 12th is the successful educational infrastructure to support commerce courses like those mentioned above. Many of the colleges provide campus placements to such Bangladeshi students who come to study in India after 12th. Some of the world’s leading multinational corporations visit these renowned college and university campuses. Migrating to study in India after 12th in commerce can be an extremely profitable endeavor for Bangladeshi students because the tuition fees are not exorbitantly high like those of developed nations and at the same time there is almost no difference in the quality of education provided.

Best private universities to study in India after 12th commerce

Some of the best and world-class universities like Sharda University promise Bangladeshi students in India with not just a valuable degree in several commerce streams of their choice but also a wholesome college experience that they can never forget. When Bangladeshi students choose Sharda University to studying in India after 12th commerce, they not only invest in one of the best campus infrastructures but also invest in securing their future as a successful professional in the fields of commerce. Upon going through a B.Com course at Sharda University, Bangladeshi students who have come to study in India after 12th can opt for doing an Integrated MBA, become a Chartered Accountant, a Chartered Financial Analyst, a Certified Management Accountant, and much more. Moreover, Bangladeshi students who come to study in India after 12th can pursue a BBA course from Sharda University to become a Data Scientist, a Digital Marketer, a Product Manager, a Block-chain Expert, and so much more.

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