India has been fast-growing as the hub of higher education in Asia and gradually living up to its rich historical past of being the educational focal point of the entire world. With a step taken towards the modern age, educational infrastructure in India has been rapidly advancing and matching its steps with that of western countries. As a result, aspiring and ambitious students from neighbouring countries like Bangladesh have begun to pour in to enroll themselves in Indian universities and secure a bright future for themselves. 

Given below is a detailed step-by-step plan to facilitate study in India for Bangladeshi students.

  • The first and foremost step to study in India for Bangladeshi students is to identify their skills and talents and accordingly focus on one particular ambition to specify their stream of choice. This is important because, for study in India for Bangladeshi students, there is a wide range of choices available from which students need to narrow down on one particular choice of degree.

  • The next step is to identify the different government-run and privately run colleges and universities of India that have the courses of choice for study in India for Bangladeshi students. There are quite a few renowned private universities that have both regional and international accreditation that Bangladeshi students need to keep in mind. One of them, the most sought after one, is Sharda University.

  • Following this, Bangladeshi students need to apply for a student visa which is again of two categories. One for graduate study in India for Bangladeshi student, and another for post-graduate study in India for Bangladeshi students.

  • For graduate study in India for Bangladeshi students, a student visa of a maximum of 2 years is applicable, which is a multiple entry visa. This visa can be extended every year for 5 years.

  • For post-graduate study in India for Bangladeshi student, this student visa allows the same things with the addition of the facility of a dependent visa of spouse and children.

  • Next, for study in India for Bangladeshi student, the problem of accommodation arises. Not to worry because most of the universities like Sharda University offer on-campus hostel facilities that make the entire logistics and commuting completely hassle-free for students. However, if students wish to avail external accommodation, that is also possible with extremely affordable sharing accommodations and paying guest facilities in most parts of the country.

  • The next issue to study in India for Bangladeshi students is food cost. Living and food costs are, as everyone knows, among the cheapest in India. With local vegetable and meat markets at a stone’s throw away from most student accommodations, this issue usually resolves itself in a matter of just a few days. Universities like Sharda University usually have an on-campus grocery store too that students can avail of for this purpose.

Keeping all these steps in mind, planning to study in India for Bangladeshi students becomes a cakewalk, especially with such facilities provided by Sharda University.

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