Sharda University has been aptly named after the Hindu Goddess Saraswati who is revered for being the Goddess of learning since the 63 acres Greater Noida campus of this university has been touted to be the hotspot of learning and innovation in all of India. For students and researchers from all fields of pure science and humanities, Sharda University is an abode of education that exceeds some of the best national standards and is at par with some of the most prestigious international universities as well. Located in the Greater Noida region of Delhi NCR, Sharda University has opened its doors to the most meritorious cream of students and academicians from India as well as abroad. Let us have a look at the world-class infrastructure housed within the Sharda University campus to have a better idea about the dynamism of the Sharda educational experience.

The Different Schools within the Sharda University Campus

The mega-campus of Sharda University has different school blocks for each stream of higher education. There is a total of 14 such schools for each specialisation of academics that consists of several disciplines that are taught there. The School of Engineering and Technology (SET), the School of Business Studies (SBS), the School of Law (SOL), the School of Nursing Sciences and Research (SNSR), the School of Media, Film and Entertainment (SMFE), the School of Humanities & Social Sciences (SHSS), the School of Medical Sciences & Research (SMSR), and the School of Basic Sciences & Research (SBS&R) are just some of the most sought-after schools within the campus.


A Campus Infrastructure Designed for Excellence

Besides the little perks like the central air-conditioning in all the e-learning integrated classrooms, there are several modern tutorial rooms, libraries enabled with digital inventories, highly advanced seminar rooms, and several auditoriums that have all the state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment installed. In addition to these international standard academic infrastructures, the Sharda University campus also has quite a few environmentally sustainable initiatives to inculcate the same values within their students so that the next generation can work for a greener future. The use of solar-powered heating, paper recycling and rainwater harvesting, along with a strict prohibition of smoking has resulted in a reduced carbon footprint of the overall campus at Sharda University.

Ensuring a Rich and Wholesome Campus Life for Students

Most of the foreign students enrolling at Sharda University opt for staying within the campus to avail the numerous facilities that would otherwise become a daily hassle when living outside the campus. Therefore, Sharda University has 5 individual hostel buildings each for boys and girls, which are surrounded with all the basic amenities like ATMs, cafeterias, a restaurant, cyber cafes, gymnasium, playgrounds, laundromats, postal services, a bank and even a local grocery store. However, these are not enough, and to provide students with an all-encompassing education, the Dean Student Welfare (DSW) Department takes care of all on-campus extracurricular activities at Sharda University to allow students to grow their inner talents.

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