Admission to Indian university/colleges is becoming increasingly sought after by meritorious students from different parts of the world. Although the status of India as a premier centre of education had died down during its colonial years of servitude, admission to educational institutions in India has begun picking up once again after independence. This has been mainly because of the government’s enhanced priority towards advancing the educational infrastructure of the country to boost its human resource capital. With the advent of the modern technological era, private universities have begun offering excellent and highly accredited higher education courses that have made the admission to Indian university/colleges beneficial for foreign students as well.

Things to consider while applying for admission

To gain admissionto educational institutes in India, several steps need to be followed by both Indian as well as international students. Read further to understand the step-by-step procedure for the same and secure your future as a successful working professional.

  • For international students, it is imperative that you apply to at least three or more Indian universities to maximise your chances of getting admission. Most universities in India have a stringent selection procedure and it often becomes challenging to qualify in any one of them. Therefore, it is advised that as an international student you submit applications for admission in more than two or three Indian colleges/universities.

  • To further increase your chances of getting admission, as an international student, you need to have an in-depth understanding of the selection criteria and processes of each university you apply at. In this way, you can work towards an objective rather than flail in the darkness of improbability.

  • January to March and August to November are the two most popular seasons for international students to gain successful admission in Indian university/colleges. And, applying as early as possible can increase your chances of getting shortlisted.

  • Whether it is for a graduate, postgraduate or even a diploma course, you need to acquire a valid student visa to be able to fully qualify for admission in Indian universities. The visa application procedure differs from country to country and you can get accurate information on it from your regional Indian Embassy.

  • However, the general process for getting a student visa to India for finalising your admission in Indian university/colleges requires you to produce your acceptance letter to your regional Indian Embassy.

Admission to Sharda University in India

The Sharda University of India provides amazing and highly lucrative career options to international students through its numerous academic and professional courses at the graduate, postgraduate, and diploma levels. International students who have the required merit and passion to succeed are selected at Sharda University. And, some excellent students even stand the chance to be awarded Sharda University’s Global Scholarship. The multicultural and healthy competitive atmosphere at the Sharda campus forms the basis for the wholesome and valuable education imparted to all students at the university. Which is why, it is considered a truly global campus where both Indian and international students thrive.

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