Brilliance in academics is always duly rewarded in most of the private as well as state-run educational institutions. Foreign students hailing from developing countries like India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan, etc. have often capitalised on this opportunity provided by renowned educational institutions and secured international academic scholarships.

Private universities that are internationally accredited, like Sharda University, have specialised reward systems for foreign students with a bent of academic brilliance. Students from countries like Bangladesh have ample opportunities to avail such scholarships provided by Sharda University under the umbrella of the right to education established in India.


Such scholarships offer attractive propositions of financial assistance to meritorious students from Bangladesh.

Different types of scholarship schemes in India

There are several categories of educational scholarships available for Bangladeshi students in India. Some are based purely on merit, while others are based on economic or social status, implying that they are meant for students with lower economic or social backgrounds.

Some of the popular scholarship schemes in India are the Swami Dayanand College Scholarship for Delhi/NCR, Prime Minister’s Scholarship Scheme for Central Armed Police Forces and Assam Rifles, Scholarship of Excellence in English, L&T Build India Scholarship; INSPIRE Scholarship for Higher Education, Siemens Scholarship Program among several others.

However, most of these are only applicable to native Indian students, and foreign students from Bangladesh are not eligible for them. However, Sharda University offers such foreigner students with their exclusive international scholarship programs, with 31 scholarships up to 80% offered to students both Indian as well as international during the years 2015 to 2020. Moreover, these Sharda University Scholarship programs are purely based on academic brilliance.

The significance of an International Academic Scholarship

The Global Scholarship Scheme at Sharda University cannot be emphasised more since it embodies the rewards associated with academic brilliance that the university seeks to put into practice.

Such international scholarship schemes not only enable Bangladeshi students and students from other developing countries to opt for a chance at quality and advanced education but also ensure a diversified student base that promotes inclusion and mutual harmony of cultural differences.

Why Sharda University Scholarships are beneficial for Bangladeshi students

Students of Bangladesh have been known to demonstrate brilliance in several academic fields over the years and some have even achieved such a level of accomplishments that they have been awarded the esteemed Nobel Prize as well.

Most notably, Muhammad Yunus, founder of the famous Grameen Bank of Bangladesh is a prime example of the brilliance produced in the schools of Bangladesh. Yunus was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his work in 2006, which was a movement that impacted several lakhs of rural lives in the country.

It is this sort of brilliance that Sharda University seeks to confer its highly beneficial scholarship schemes upon. Meritorious Bangladeshi students hailing from financially backward backgrounds have the highest chances of securing such a scholarship and advancing their academic careers to leave an impact and a legacy at the global level.

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