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06 May, 2024 Monday

Global Education Destinations: Navigating Your Way through International Universities

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Best in Class Higher Education
Global Education Destinations

For international students, travelling to study abroad is an exciting and life-changing experience. However, transitioning to a new social milieu, educational system, and culture can come with its own set of difficulties. We will look…

24 Apr, 2023 Monday

What are the Career Benefits of Robotics Study in India?

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Robotics Study in India

Engineering's field of robotics is responsible for the conceptualization, organization, design, production, and control of robots. Computer science, mechanical and industrial engineering, and electrical and computer engineering are all important components of this interdisciplinary area.…

10 Nov, 2022 Thursday

Career benefits About Law Study in India

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About law study in India

Numerous organizations battle legal issues almost every day. These legal issues may be extremely minor or quite significant. The nature of the issue, though, is unimportant. The crucial point is that even a relatively little…

13 Oct, 2022 Thursday

How to Deal with Stress when Studying Abroad

Higher Education,Study Abroad
 Studying Abroad

Studying abroad is quite popular in India. However, studying away from your country has its own challenges. While grappling with academic and peer pressure, financial demands, study commitments, employment obligations, and other factors, adjusting to…

03 Mar, 2022 Thursday

Want to Study Abroad? Here's how to get started

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Study Abroad Destination

Choosing to study abroad is a major life decision and needs careful consideration and planning. It is essential to be mentally, emotionally and financially prepared before embarking on your journey. There are hundreds of decisions…

18 Jan, 2022 Tuesday

Top 8 things to remember before travelling to your study abroad destination

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your study abroad destination

You have finally been selected for a great educational program in your favorite destination abroad and you can’t contain that excitement of fulfilling your dream. However, it is important to note that leaving your home…

27 Dec, 2021 Monday

How is the Education System of India Making the World a Better Place?

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Education System of India

The education system of India has undergone a massive transformation over the years. With the establishment of numerous world-class institutions and stricter regulation by various authorities, it has become an incredible example of growth and…

11 Oct, 2021 Monday

How to Get Admission in a Foreign University With a Scholarship From Bangladesh?

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Admission in a Foreign University from Bangladesh

Many bright students in Bangladesh do not complete their higher studies either because of financial strain or the poor higher education infrastructure of the country. For such students, the best course of action is to…

07 Jul, 2021 Wednesday

Why is India the Best Place to Study Management for International Students?

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Management for International Students

Management courses have been one of the most favored options for commerce students after completing their 12th or graduation. These courses not only offer impressive job opportunities but also help students gain global exposure and…

22 Jun, 2021 Tuesday

Hotel Management Courses in India after 12th

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Hotel Management Courses in India after the 12th

Hotel management courses are amongst the most favoured options of students after they complete their 12th. This professional course not only offers a booming salary but also helps students gain global exposure and interaction. Pursuing hotel…

08 Jun, 2021 Tuesday

Study Abroad: Why Students Like Online Learning?

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Online Learning

In times of this global quarantine, many schools and colleges have switched to virtual classes. And, this has shed light on the revolutionary concept of online learning. The rising popularity of online education has provided students…

20 May, 2021 Thursday

Reason for Bangladeshi Students to Choose India as Their Study Destination

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 Reasons to Choose Study in India

India and Bangladesh have a common and shared historical past and as a result, they even share linguistic and cultural ties. With recent developments in the feats achieved by Indian higher education infrastructure, Bangladeshi students…

10 May, 2021 Monday

What are the benefits of studying abroad in Indian Universities?

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Advantages of Studying Abroad in Indian Universities

International education has been on the incline, with steady growth in the number of students studying abroad persisting throughout the decades. While all sectors of the world’s economy took a hit due to the pandemic,…

23 Apr, 2021 Friday

Why Bangladeshi Students Study Abroad in India Rather Than Study in Their Country?

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Study in India from Bangladesh

Bangladesh and India are two of the most closely connected neighbouring countries in the Indian subcontinent. They share a common culture as well as historical background. This is one of the most discussed reasons for…

13 Apr, 2021 Tuesday

How Indian Universities are Building Culture for International Students?

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Indian Universities for International Students

While the educational benefits of Indian universities for international students are plenty, another important aspect of any international education is the cultural benefits that go along with it. The importance of having an experience has long been…

05 Apr, 2021 Monday

Positive Developments in Higher Education in India for International Students

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Higher Education in India for International students

In India, the National Education Policy for 2020 was released in July, bringing with it lofty goals for massive aspirational improvements. The new framework replaces the older 1988 policy and has sweeping changes across the…

03 Mar, 2021 Wednesday

Top Courses Which Attract International Students to Pursue Their Higher Education

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Top Courses For International Students

Aspiring and ambitious students generally look towards acquiring a valuable degree in their fields of interest from foreign universities due to the increased amount of exposure and overall personal as well as professional development available.…

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