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14 Jul, 2023 Friday

Beyond the Classroom: How Global Universities are Incorporating Experiential Learning into Curriculum

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Beyond the Classroom

Global universities have embraced a transformation in their approach to education in recent years, pushing beyond traditional classroom learning to incorporate experiential learning into their curricula. This dynamic teaching approach attempts to bridge the gap…

11 Jul, 2023 Tuesday

Smart Campuses for Smart Students: How Truly Global Universities in India are Incorporating Technology in Campus Facilities

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Campus Facilities

With the integration of technology in the quickly evolving digital age, the world of education is undergoing significant upheaval. Universities, in particular, are reinventing their campuses as "smart campuses" to provide their students with an…

20 Jun, 2023 Tuesday

Why Study MBA in International Business? - Its scope & career prospects

Campus Life
 MBA in International Business

Given the evolution of global marketing on the one hand, and the ensuing impact on India's local market on the other, a professional attitude and sensitivity to the global business environment are essential. The MBA…

01 Feb, 2023 Wednesday

Benefits of International Health Insurance for Students Studying Abroad

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Benefits of International Health Insurance for Students Studying Abroad

Studying abroad may be motivating and gratifying since you can make new friends, experience different cultures and customs, and travel to fascinating and far-off locations. However, visiting a foreign nation can also present unforeseen difficulties,…

22 Jun, 2021 Tuesday

Hotel Management Courses in India after 12th

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Hotel Management Courses in India after the 12th

Hotel management courses are amongst the most favoured options of students after they complete their 12th. This professional course not only offers a booming salary but also helps students gain global exposure and interaction. Pursuing hotel…

14 Jun, 2021 Monday

How to Get Admission in Medical School in India?

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Admission in Medical School in India

Getting admission in medical school in India is no easy feat. MBBS is considered one of the most prestigious and challenging courses in India. The 5-year programme gives an academic understanding of several concepts including human anatomy,…

12 Jan, 2021 Tuesday

Step-by-Step Plan to Study in India for Bangladeshi Students

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Study in India for Bangladeshi students

India has been fast-growing as the hub of higher education in Asia and gradually living up to its rich historical past of being the educational focal point of the entire world. With a step taken…

02 Jan, 2021 Saturday

Let’s Explore the Dynamic Campus of Sharda University

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Learning and Innovation

Sharda University has been aptly named after the Hindu Goddess Saraswati who is revered for being the Goddess of learning since the 63 acres Greater Noida campus of this university has been touted to be…

07 Dec, 2020 Monday

Akshay Kumar with ‘Atrangi Re’ Star Cast Shoots at Sharda University

Campus Life

At Sharda University, students can not only let go of their shackles, but also have the birds of their creativity fly high. Most importantly, the Sharda School of Media, Film and Entertainment (SMFE) provides budding…

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