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16 Jan, 2024 Tuesday

Shaping Careers: How Studying Abroad Can Influence Your Future

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How will Studying Abroad Help my Future Career

College is a life-changing experience that equips students to contribute as responsible adults to society. All college degrees have these advantages, but some students go above and above by looking for chances to study abroad…

02 May, 2023 Tuesday

Maximizing Your Study Abroad Experience: Top Extracurricular Activities for International Students

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Study Abroad Experience

Extracurricular activities are a tremendous chance to become involved in the local culture, make new friends, and maintain your hobbies while attending a university abroad if you are an international student. Going to college is…

18 Jan, 2022 Tuesday

Top 8 things to remember before travelling to your study abroad destination

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your study abroad destination

You have finally been selected for a great educational program in your favorite destination abroad and you can’t contain that excitement of fulfilling your dream. However, it is important to note that leaving your home…

06 Sep, 2021 Monday

Pursue Management Studies of Your Choice of Specialisation in India

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Management studies in India have become the most important and common choice among students looking to specialise in their respective fields. Over the last decade, it has come to light that people completing their management studies…

13 Apr, 2021 Tuesday

How Indian Universities are Building Culture for International Students?

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Indian Universities for International Students

While the educational benefits of Indian universities for international students are plenty, another important aspect of any international education is the cultural benefits that go along with it. The importance of having an experience has long been…

05 Apr, 2021 Monday

Positive Developments in Higher Education in India for International Students

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Higher Education in India for International students

In India, the National Education Policy for 2020 was released in July, bringing with it lofty goals for massive aspirational improvements. The new framework replaces the older 1988 policy and has sweeping changes across the…

23 Mar, 2021 Tuesday

Things to Know About India – Indian Study Guide for International Students

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Indian Study Guide for International Students

India is soon living up to its ancient prestige and glory to become one of the top destinations for higher education in Asia, Africa and the Eurasia region. Therefore, the need for a comprehensive study…

09 Mar, 2021 Tuesday

What are the Short Term Courses in India for International Students?

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Short Term Courses For International Students
short term courses in India for international students

Since the development of advanced higher education infrastructure in India, a record number of students from neighboring as well as other foreign countries has been pouring in to India to avail the benefits of an…

03 Mar, 2021 Wednesday

Top Courses Which Attract International Students to Pursue Their Higher Education

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Top Courses For International Students

Aspiring and ambitious students generally look towards acquiring a valuable degree in their fields of interest from foreign universities due to the increased amount of exposure and overall personal as well as professional development available.…

19 Feb, 2021 Friday

How Can I Get Admission in Indian University/Colleges?

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Admission to Indian University/College

Admission to Indian university/colleges is becoming increasingly sought after by meritorious students from different parts of the world. Although the status of India as a premier centre of education had died down during its colonial…

10 Feb, 2021 Wednesday

How Management Study Benefits in Entrepreneurship?

Communication Skills

Hello Everyone, Today we will discuss about Benefits Management Study in Entrepreneurship. Management has been a subject of higher studies for quite some time now, and aspiring entrepreneurs have always opted for such courses to…

08 Feb, 2021 Monday

How to Get Education Loan to Study Abroad in India: Eligibility and Process

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Education Loan to Study Abroad in India

Studying in India is far more affordable than in western countries. And, there are quite a few renowned universities in India that enable students to acquire a highly valuable degree in their subjects of interest.…

25 Jan, 2021 Monday

Studying in India After 12th Commerce Stream

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Study in India after 12th

Commerce is a highly lucrative line for academic as well as professional pursuits. Students all over the world studying commerce aim for some of the top posts in the corporate world and in many cases…

19 Jan, 2021 Tuesday

Study in India After HSC From Science Stream

Study in India after HSC

Pursuing an appropriate course of higher education after HSC is a matter of concern for most young students. With the conclusion to school life, several students from developing countries like Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Nepal look…

15 Jan, 2021 Friday

What and Where to Study in India After Completing 12th Arts?

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Study in India after 12th

Students of developing countries like Bangladesh have several avenues open to them due to the developing nature of their country’s economy and infrastructure. In terms of construction or healthcare, such developing countries generate more number…

07 Jan, 2021 Thursday

The 5 Most Amazing Places for Bangladeshi Students to Study and Live Abroad

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Educational Destination

Over the years, Bangladeshi students have been seeking employment as well as education abroad. This is because educational and employment opportunities have been faring much better for Bangladeshi students in neighbouring more…

02 Jan, 2021 Saturday

Let’s Explore the Dynamic Campus of Sharda University

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Learning and Innovation

Sharda University has been aptly named after the Hindu Goddess Saraswati who is revered for being the Goddess of learning since the 63 acres Greater Noida campus of this university has been touted to be…

14 Dec, 2020 Monday

Career Opportunities for Bangladeshi Students in India

Career Opportunities for Bangladeshi Students in India

India has recently become a higher education hub for many as thousands of foreign students come here from neighbouring countries in the Indian subcontinent to pursue their dreams. Recently, countries like Bangladesh have seen an…

09 Dec, 2020 Wednesday

Rewarding Brilliance with International Academic Scholarship

International Scholarship

Brilliance in academics is always duly rewarded in most of the private as well as state-run educational institutions. Foreign students hailing from developing countries like India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan, etc. have often…

24 Nov, 2020 Tuesday

Booming IT Sector of Bangladesh and Career Opportunities in IT

 Opportunities in Bangladesh IT Sector

Developing countries like India and Bangladesh have been seen to enter the fourth industrial revolution much later in the second decade of the 21st century. What this means for Bangladesh is that the rapidly developing IT…

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