Many bright students in Bangladesh do not complete their higher studies either because of financial strain or the poor higher education infrastructure of the country. For such students, the best course of action is to seek admission in a foreign university on a scholarship basis. In countries like India, the higher education system is well-developed and study programmes are affordable. Promising students from Bangladesh can easily apply for scholarships in prominent Indian educational institutions and get admission. Here is how the process of securing admission in a foreign university from Bangladesh works.

  1. Research

The first step in the process of getting admission in a foreign university from Bangladesh involves thorough research. Students, before they apply in any institution, should know their options. For this purpose, they should visit the official websites of the universities they are interested in. Look for the courses colleges are offering, the available scholarship programmes (whether the scholarship is being provided based on academic results, income group or representation group), the faculty they have, the living expenses of the city, and other such things. While researching, students should also try to get in touch with the alumni of the colleges and try connecting with them through social media sites.

  1. Counselling

Once students have narrowed down their list, they can get in touch with a counsellor and share their aspirations and the research they have done so far. Many counsellors themselves have been students of higher education institutes overseas in the past, so they will be able to appropriately guide students through the steps of getting admission in a foreign university from Bangladesh.

  1. Eligibility

Once students have selected the higher education institutions they want to seek admission in, the next step is making sure they qualify for them. There is no point in applying to a university that won’t accept their application. So, students must consider checking and double-checking the scholarship criterion of the universities before seeking admission in a foreign university from Bangladesh and ensure their eligibility. 

  1. Application

In the next step of the procedure of securing admission in a foreign university from Bangladesh,  students must fill in the application form. At this point, all the research that students have done so far will come into play. To secure admission, students must know what the university is seeking in a scholarship student - are they looking for students with brilliant scores or people with athletic achievements? Students should make sure to know these answers and back up their application forms with certificates proving their excellence in the same.

  1. Repeat

The chances of securing admission on a scholarship basis in the first attempt are slim. So, in order to not waste a year, students must apply to more than one institution. Also, they must remember that there are only a few scholarships that cover both living and tuition expenses. As such, students should apply for many smaller scholarships to increase their chances of getting financial aid. 

For promising students seeking admission in a foreign university from Bangladesh, several opportunities are available. There are many eminent higher education institutes like Sharda University in India that will give them a chance to complete their advanced studies at affordable costs. Students interested in securing admission can access all the necessary scholarship-related information on the college website.

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