For students from developing countries like Bangladesh, leaving their countries and migrating to studying in India can sometimes be an anxious affair due to the several myths and misconceptions surrounding the aspect of higher study in India. India is also a developing nation like Bangladesh, albeit at a much higher pace and with a developing country come certain challenges related to the economic, political and even cultural spheres. Bangladeshi students who want to complete their higher study in India from a prominent and highly accredited college or university need to first lose the misconceptions and delve into the real facts. In this way, such students can get a clear idea of what it is like to study in India. Read on to see some of the most common myths related to studying in India busted and clarified.

  • Some Bangladeshis are from more conventional family backgrounds and the fact that makes them anxious to study in India is the peer pressure of indulging in highly modernized western clothing. This myth has been made popular by media and entertainment. The reality is that higher study in India when pursued from a renowned private university, will enforce a strict code of college uniform that confers equality upon all students and promotes a feeling of belonging and fraternization.

  • Another similar myth has developed around the concept of higher study in India, which is frequent partying and indulgence in intoxicants which can lead to the destruction of careers and talents. The reality is that most of the renowned private universities strictly screen and interview their students during admission and one can find only like-minded meritorious students there whose aim is nothing but to forge a successful career.

  • Contrastingly, the myth of higher study in India being extremely strict and monotonous has also developed among many foreign students from countries like Bangladesh. This is not true since all colleges and universities in India encourage students to participate in constructive extra-curricular activities as part of a wholesome learning experience. All work and no play makes every student dull, which is not the goal of institutions offering studying in India.

  • There is also a growing misconception that costlier colleges and universities that offer study in India for Bangladeshi students are inevitably better. This is not always the case since Sharda University, one of the best global universities in India offers some of the best opportunities for higher study in India at affordable costs.

Therefore, with all these myths busted, Bangladeshi students can safely come to studying in India and even stick to their conventional roots if needed. Bangladeshi students do not face any sort of discrimination or ragging on the campuses of Indian universities like Sharda University as most of these colleges have strict anti-ragging policies. Upon approaching some of the successful alumni of universities like Sharda University, Bangladeshi students can be reassured that these myths related to higher study in India are indeed false and they can freely pursue their dreams to studying in India.

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