For a decade or two, India has been offering lucrative options to students looking to study abroad from Bangladesh. Many graduates from neighbouring countries choose Indian institutes and universities to pursue higher education programs and make a successful career. 

The internationalisation of courses and facilities at the universities has been the primary attraction for students opting to study abroad from Bangladesh. It creates a friendly environment on the campus and makes the students feel comfortable and welcomed. 

Why do students from Bangladesh choose to study in India?

 The internationalisation of Indian Higher Education has led to institutions enrolling students from other countries to provide a safe space and enough facilities. It has simplified the process of admission for students choosing to study abroad from Bangladesh. Also, the universities have upgraded their curriculums to suit the demands and needs of students enrolling from all kinds of backgrounds.

The universities even offer English-speaking classes for people who come from a non-English background. They even develop short-term programs that acquaint the students opting to study abroad from Bangladesh with the culture, heritage, diversity, indigenous technologies and languages.

Process of choosing a college in India

Bangladeshi students who are interested in studying in India must follow a few simple steps to get admission to the best universities of the country,

  • Perform in-depth research – Every student must dive into researching the universities, courses, locations and other necessary facilities that will make the higher education program a success. It is a crucial decision regarding your career. You can also consider counselling from reputed organisations.

  • Write an application – Stay connected with counsellors and keep checking on dates of taking an exam or submitting applications. Many universities require taking an exam to clear the merit criteria. Students choosing to study abroad from Bangladesh must clear the exam or apply through GEE Bangladesh and fill out all the relevant information in the application.

  • Read the letter of acceptance – Once you have received the letter of acceptance, you must give it a thorough read, for it might contain crucial information about the college and the course you are interested in.

  • Apply for Student Visa – If you are choosing to study abroad from Bangladesh, you must apply for a student visa and complete all the formalities before the date of departure. Keep in handy all the documents that are crucial for submitting the visa application.

  • Book flight or train – After obtaining the visa, students must book a flight or train to the destination city where the university is situated. Advanced booking allows one to book tickets at an affordable rate.

  • Plan your stay – Students choosing India to continue higher education must either enrol for an on-campus hostel or book an accommodation in advance. It helps you stay ahead of planning and offers quick access to the classes without any hassle.

Why choose Sharda University?

Sharda University in Greater Noida is one of the top institutions in the country that offer multiple courses under higher-education programs for students looking to study abroad from Bangladesh. You can choose Journalism, Engineering, Pharmacy, Law, Business or any other field of study. They also have an on-campus hostel, gymnasium, cafeteria and sports club that enhance the experience of studying here. Enhance your career opportunities by taking admission at Sharda University.

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